Security Policy
More than 250 customers trust Resource Outsource with their data and its privacy. Data security and confidentiality is of utmost importance for us. We combine multiple security features with Secured Systematic Data handling Approach to ensure customer, employee and business data is always protected so our customers can rest easy knowing their data is safe, their communication is secure, and their businesses are protected.

24/7 Chat Service – Privacy of information
Departmental Approach
We use departmental approach to keep the confidentiality intact. Complete Product knowledge included Chat Scripts, ticketing information, and Call Center Transcripts are confidentially kept within system resources under Individual customer department to ensure everything that a Call Center agent need to share with visitors should be available within the system resources without external interaction and just at click away from agents, which makes the correspondence during chat fast and secure.
Data Communication
Strict System Rules define the Chat leads and Transcript information of our customer is sent to the same Customer through email or CRM automatically unless required by our client to be submitted on Webpages of their Online Forms.

Communication Encryption
Communications between Browser, users and Chat servers are encrypted via industry best-practices HTTPS and Transport Layer Security (TLS) over public networks.

Product Security
Two-factor authentication
2-Step Verification adds more security to Agent account. When we have 2-Factor Authentication enabled, any attempt to log into account must be accompanied by the code that is generated in Google Authenticator app. 2-Step Verification can help keep unknown people out, even if they have the password.

HTTPS Encryption
All hosted accounts run over a secure connection using the HTTPS protocol. Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is the secure version of HTTP, the protocol over which data is sent between browser and the website that are connected to. It means all communication between browser and Agents is encrypted, including the chats and email communication.

Secure credential storage
We follow latest best practices to store and protect user login credentials and passwords in the cloud.

IP & network restrictions
Agent panel can be configured to only allow access from specific IP address ranges.

Data Center Security
We ensure the confidentiality and integrity of customer data with industry best practices. Chat servers are hosted at Tier IV or III+, PCI DSS, SSAE-16, or ISO 27001 compliant facilities and the Security Team constantly pushes security updates and actively responds to security alerts and events.

Server environment
All Servers are hosted at Tier III+ or IV or PCI DSS, SSAE-16, or ISO 27001 compliant facilities. Data center facilities are powered by redundant power, each with UPS and backup generators.

Server & Device monitoring
All Operational Network systems, networked devices, and circuits are constantly monitored and logically administered by administrators. Physical security, power, and internet connectivity beyond co-location cage doors

Datacenters in United States, Europe & Asia
Data is hosted in multiple data centers based on your preference or geographical location in the United States, Europe, and Asia. Customers can choose to locate their Service Data in the US-only or Europe-only.

Network security
Our network or partner Networks are protected by redundant firewalls, best-in-class router technology, secure HTTPS transport over public networks, and network Intrusion Detection and/or Prevention technologies (IDS/IPS) which monitor and/or block malicious traffic and network attacks.

Security zones in our architecture
Network security architecture consists of multiple security zones. More sensitive systems, like application servers and database servers, are protected in our most trusted zones. Other systems like loadbalancers are housed in zones commensurate with their sensitivity, depending on function, information classification, and risk.

Third-Party Security Research
In addition to our extensive internal scanning and testing program, The Chat system works with third-party security experts and researchers to perform security checks and broad penetration tests.

Vulnerability scanning
Network security scanning gives us deep insight for quick identification of out-of-compliance or potentially vulnerable systems.

Disaster Recovery, Backup & Redundancy
We operate a multi-level backup and disaster recovery strategy. Backups and near real-time snapshots are taken at various intervals and multiple copies are securely stored on different servers. Our disaster recovery program ensures that our services remain available or are easily recoverable in the case of a disaster.

Our redundancy architecture eliminates a single point of failure. Combined with comprehensive backups, we ensure customer data is replicated and available across operational systems.